Procom Technologies has been established with an aim to meet diverse customer requirements for communication and networking solutions. We are a strong team of dedicated professionals with an excellent proven track record in meeting customer expectations for varied communication and networking solutions. Our solutions range from planning and designing to delivery and implementation of communications and networking solutions.

Our major strength is our strong customer relationship based on mutual trust and commitment. Enterprises rely on us to deliver the right products and the right solutions at the right price in networking and communications domain. We have achieved this with our accurate understanding of customer needs combined with project implementation and technological capabilities.

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Cyber Security

It is a collection of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect computer systems and >>

Data Network Infrastructure

It is combination of hardware and software resources that work together to provide >>


It is a collaboration of the latest technology to bring together various >>

Connectivity Solution

These solutions enable companies to analyse and optimise their data network >>

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services that cater to various networking and communication requirements from enterprises and >>

Professional Services

We customize solutions for clients to ensure that their network and data are protected against all cyber threats and >>

Support Services

Our support services enable enterprises to protect their most valuable asset, data, using various networking and >>

Customized solutions

Tailor-made solutions to meet all your network security requirements


Our customers rely on us to provide them cost-effective and efficient solutions

Strong customer relationships

Our relationships with enterprises are based on mutual trust and commitment

Resource sharing

Our solutions enable sharing of resources and information amongst various internal and external entities in a secure environment

Optimal resource utilization

Data-sharing through secure networking solutions enables enterprises to use resources optimally and save cost

Operating cost efficiency

Shared resources and data storage facilities enable enterprises to increase operating cost efficiency manifold.

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